WHIMSY: Narratives of the Imagination
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WHIMSY: Narratives of the Imagination

Featured work includes three watercolour paintings from my Edible Garden Collection and five graphite works from a new mini series Two of a kind.

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The fairy tale is where all story telling begins. It is the template of our world, built in the secret chamber of childhood and then filtered through time. Dreams of faraway lands, vibrant glades, mythic creatures and mystic oceans, often inhabit the realm of illustration; yet look closely at most great paintings and the magic is also there. Whimsy dwells in the surreal, the romantic and in the wildest tangled forests. It is the licence granted by imagination and the unspoken code of the most original thinkers., Gathered together in this exhibition are nine artists with a window thrown open to wilder imaginings. Given an open brief, each artist responded with a distinct palette and mood.

Story telling in art is like casting a diamond into a pond: the painting is the first impression and then layers of narrative built, forming ripples in the pool of memory. In the footsteps of Lewis Carroll, Gustav Moreau and the great folk artists of history, Rochfort revels in the power of whimsy. Please accept our invitation to a collective dream, unfolding and verdant, poised on the precipice of Spring.

Source: http://www.rochfortgallery.com/exhibitions/collection-five-whimsy
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to May 6


  • The Royal Botanic Garden (map)
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This year I have been selected to exhibit one of my Watercolour works in a prestigious contemporary art exhibition BOTANICA at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney. Very exciting!

Australia’s leading contemporary botanical art exhibition Botanica is running for two weeks in Sydney during April/May 2018. Each year there is a theme and this year they are exploring the complex and remarkable relationship we have with plants. The annual showcase, now in its 19th year, features work by some of the best Australian and international established and emerging botanic and natural history artists, and is considered one of the foremost exhibitions of its kind.

2018 theme -  SYMBIOSIS

Artsists have been invited to study the symbiotic relationships some plants have with other plants and animals, and incorparte this into their artworks.

Botanica is a beautiful exhibition and all works are for sale. Proceeds go to the artists and to Foundation and Friends of the Botanic Gardens, helping them to continue to support horticulture, conservation, scientific research and education programs within your Botanic Gardens.

Save the date: Botanica Opening Night, Friday 20 April, 6pm - 8pm, Lion Gate Lodge.

Text Sources: https://www.rbgsyd.nsw.gov.au/whatson/botanica-symbiosis


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