Esther Bolz Illustration

The second youngest girl from a family six. I have German parents and was born and raised in South West Sydney. Growing up I was surrounded  by 5 acres of wild Australian bush. Nature inspires me everyday. I look for the details. 

I have a strong faith in God and believe that's why I'm a happy and productive person. I never look back or dwell on things for too long. The future is today.

Art has always been my favourite thing. Observing and creating what I see. In 2011 I finally found a pathway to evolve my passion in a University Degree for Natural History Illustration.

Newcastle, NSW - A breezy coastal city where I had never been. 

4 years later and I had graduated with a Distinction and what felt like a truckload of papers, artworks and folios! It was a traditional style course which really helped me focus on the techniques I admired: Graphite, watercolour and Ink. The studio practice and field studies turned me into an insect and plant collector, and started my love for scientific illustration.

Art + Science = Perfect

Today I focus my personal collections on scientific displays of Australian Flora and Fauna. I do still enjoy working on various private commissions (time permitting!) throughout the year to keep things fresh. 

My Illustration is a window into my world... I hope you enjoy what I see.